Are Single Page Websites good for SEO?

Every new day, we notice many new trends in web development and the latest trend which is gaining popularity and buzz among many web developers and businesses is the trend of single page websites. Numerous businesses out there are now considering building single page websites for their business instead of multi-page websites but one question which remains same that are these website good or bad for SEO?

What Is Single Page Website?

A single page website simple means having all the information about site on only a single page when you scroll down the relevant part of the page you need. It includes all the sections such as contact, about us, services or products etc

If you are also looking for its pros and cons for SEO, go through this article:


  • Mobile Friendly: Today mobile use has taken place of desktop use and it is the reason behind introduction of single page websites as customers can easily use them on their smart phone. They provide better user experience on phone to customers, loads faster and look better. They are specifically designed for mobile use.
  • Reach Target Audience: They are useful for those who are looking for their specific target audience for their websites as you can easily control their behavior on the site without worrying about considering other pages. It provides them ultimate user experience.
  • Higher Domain Authority: Domain authority of a website depends on their number of back links a site can generate and this we can get with the single page websites as all links are acquired by same URL.
  • Easier To Build and Maintain: There are plenty of single page WordPress themes available in the market which you can use to build a professionally designed website as well as they are easier to maintain.

Now we can say that single page websites are good for SEO in comparison to multi-page websites but every coin has two sides which means that there are also some cons of using single page websites so you need to keep in mind the requirements and agenda of your business.

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